Website promotion in the end is what

site promotion this topic is very large, wide range is very wide, not good to control, or as a statement, only for reference study, fox to write is not what book, nor what promotiontechnique case, not to teach you how to promote. It’s just a macro perspective to analyze what it is. After all what is series, so, if you want to learn what book, what day earn thousands, please don’t look down. This is not for you. Purely personal opinion. Is not where, if you do not want to see, or think is nonsense, then, the red cross browser you please point on the right angle, the whole world is pure.

the meaning of the first site content

is a quantity, meaning, not meaning. Where is the essence of the content of the site. Where to go. Seize the essence, to dig out the additional things. What is the essence of the derivative affixes?. Derivative is a letter.

many of my friends are asking: Master, teach promotion, master, to do what is right under the operation, master? What is the master? Very simple, mastered the core essence and the derivative is the master, the need to do some understanding of the accumulation of experience, and some, only need to look at the accumulation of. How to have the content of the letter, do more, see more, think more, learn more.

do more

more try, multi-point creation. No one can do it. When testing the scars, try it out the pulp covered all over with cuts and bruises. A reader asked: how do you knew I would not succeed for the first time to do that? If I succeeded again? Of course, the article I mentioned. No perfect. What is perfect? Just a sad blessing.

see more

light work hard not to see the world, it can only say that you are a toil, stay forever in the times. What is the next era, the second echelon of the first ladder?. Sometimes, you can not replace the wheel. What? Don’t stay in the eyes of people fancy interface for so long, for a long time, the envy of jealous, see the change, also white, look at the organization of the content level, people see the essence. Look at the derivative. See more, and mature.


light do not want to see the white look, see the essence, not to think, just blindly copying, at best, is a second echelon. Do you want to stay in the world, people watching IP and shot up to pick up the following? Vulgar, childish! Even Ah Q said: have I not touch the monk, you feel that? How? Want to be good, is called the look in to do, are afraid of fantasy. Look, I want to go in, empathy, if such a station so that we do, we do not simulate battlefield battlefield?. No smoke, their own pot, burning firewood, burning cigarette. Good summary. Rational analysis.

learn more

and even use, do, read, think, and found enough to be good

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