20 thousand and 150 social marketing case new orientation, celebrity effect, good and crazy

and in the twinkling of an eye to the end of 2015, I have the impression that only yesterday wrote "in 2014 ten social marketing case and features", and when it comes to the 2015 inventory case. In the ten case in 2014, I pointed out the three characteristics of social marketing and that they will continue, these three characteristics are: product innovation driven marketing, technology driven marketing and content driven marketing, these three characters in 2015 was played most incisive.

2015 I used 4 words: re positioning, celebrity, beautiful and crazy to sum up this year’s case, to some extent, summarizes the marketing phenomenon this year, of course, their essence is not out of the three characteristics. I count in most of the social marketing and social effect and public awareness, so deliberately ignored the awareness only in public relations and advertising circle of good case (such as the Wu Yifan Museum of art H5 conscription, Durex), without further ado, and case.

repositioning: product marketing

in early 2015, a debate about the positioning in the mobile Internet circle, this controversy stems from the Chinese positioning master Deng Delong’s article "millet is losing the future, HUAWEI should aim beyond apple", he believes that millet positioning is the direct selling mobile phone, because this past success, millet also launched smart TV, flat, household appliances, will completely deviate from the positioning theory, so that consumers do not know what to millet, recession or even failure. Deng Delong speech, immediately refuted by all sides, positioning theory seems to encounter the biggest challenge since birth.

of course positioning theory in this era of challenge is normal. Case positioning theory is the most classic Marlboro cigarettes, it will create a male to the Marlboro cigarette brand with tough nature, it depends on the success of the product, a series of tough guy image depends on the location after the launch of the advertisement. In the mobile Internet era, when a product is good enough, and continues to be user cognition, in fact the products had been formed in the mind of the user’s cognition, they do not need to do what to emphasize special advertising. So from this point of view, the product itself is far greater than the role of advertising marketing. The following three products in 2015 basically no special to do traditional ads, but their performance in the social network can be said to the guards.

1, Xinjiang UAV

as a start-up, Xinjiang in early 2013 just released its first product: Xinjiang spirit, before that, it released after a period of time, it is the same with most businesses unknown to the public product, certainly not what the time and energy to do advertising.

The advantages of

Xinjiang products is the biggest product and reliable enough to attract people, so as a niche product, it has a good reputation in this field focus on product enthusiasts, and its users around the world (although not so much), do not know from what.

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