How do do network marketing


before this, read a few articles on how to do online marketing, is not very ideal. May write something, feel too practical, it is difficult to grasp the heart of martial arts can Megatron arena, now this year, moves can’t trick the enemy ah ~

in the next to do today, with some lessons of income in recent years retreat, to share with you to do. Also wrote the day before yesterday, a new station 7 days ranking home page is how I do it, if you are interested can look at.

first, what is marketing? I made a replica of listening, understanding, knowledge, love, buy, the chain consisting of the 5 sectors, despite the marketing ability of Babel, can not escape out of the Five Fingers Group. How to get the maximum return from the lowest cost, so that the core of the KPI indicators to a minimum, each stage of the focus is not the same.

heart method: precision

1, the first accurate, if the marketing process compared to fishing, here is not the precise net meaning small, but the mesh is reduced, whether you fish fish in the net, you don’t want to run the mesh to the extreme! Detailed premise, then the net infinity big if you! As a webmaster, regardless of the site’s overall feeling or user experience, think have counterparts in the best sites do? Whether to let each visitor can produce the maximum value of


2, second accurate, we are to catch fish, with fish food, not to eat small shrimp and crab! But who did advertising all know, especially Baidu promotion, the monthly cost of KPI is how much can be saved… I will tell you, I spent a month and a half of the year into the 800 thousand of the promotional account, the effective information KPI cost from $63 to $31, but also the operation of the old account for 3 years. The reason for the release of the chain, such as free promotion is also universal, for Baidu, the quality of more precious than quantity.

but it is also with the ability to control people’s needs are inseparable, the different stages of different customer needs, understand the whole, this is the real strength practice.

method two: value

1, the relative value of user needs

often hear people say, the highest level of marketing, is to say that the dead alive, the stone as a diamond to sell… Of course, in the past, the flow of information is relatively closed period, depending on flicker may be a little effect, but now, or dead this heart.

we can meet the needs of users, to provide customers with the value, is the reason for us to live, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be divided into several, not much nonsense.

2, the relative value of alternative products

provide value for customers

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