Case analysis hidden in the face of company executives and employees of the beholder – confidentiali

just start in 2017, company executives and employees of the confidentiality and non competition obligations seem to have risen to more eye-catching height, not only involves high compensation, and criminal law tools are frequently resorted to.

January 6, 2017, the final judgment China referee network released the Beijing High Court on 2016 at the end of Chen Xiao and Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited company contract dispute case, finally decided that Chen Xiao resigned as chairman of the board of directors of the United States in violation of their duties and the United States signed (confidentiality and non competition agreement), and the support of the court of first instance ordered Chen Xiao to return 10 million of the United States "due to confidentiality and non competition to Chen Xiao to pay executives economic compensation" decision.

January 18, 2017, Securities Times Online reported that "HUAWEI internal bulletin top six former suspect was arrested in disclosing the insider information to cool music" according to the report, HUAWEI, senior leaders of six former HUAWEI consumer terminal business, with the internal data to music, cool, has been put into prison for criminal detention, arrest procuratorate.

in these cases, many involving large company executives and staff turnover following confidentiality and non competition obligations, and some executives involved in employee turnover or join the original company "friends" and facing the confidentiality and non competition obligations.

is even more frightening, especially relating to the confidential information trade secrets of commercial value, violation of the confidentiality obligations of employees is not only faced with economic compensation, serious condition may even provoke the police and procuratorate organs of state power in the paper is a globally well known case.

believes that the reader will not read "liar’s Poker" and "big short" and other best-selling book forget financial best-selling author and financial journalist Michael · Lewis (Michael Lewis), is estimated to have certainly not miss him on 2014 stock market high frequency trading bestseller "Flash Boys" (Chinese version of "high-frequency traders") this can explain the complex financial problems, in a humorous way the writer in this book to open the door see mountain said:

: "I think I wrote this book, started as Sergey heard the story of Aleynikov, working at Goldman Sachs before the Russian programmer, after the resignation of the summer of 2009 by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) arrested and charged with theft of U.S. government Goldman computer code charges. I thought it was very strange, after a Goldman played such an important role in the financial crisis, Goldman only one face criminal charges of employees turned out to be a programmer to take things from Goldman

! "

then, the famous writer in the usual humorous way deftly ripped us high frequency trading market of the "fig leaf", the documentary describes how to use the technology of high-frequency traders and other false start speed advantage institutional traders earn spreads that can not.

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