Cai Wensheng writing micro-blog as a career focus can do a good job

Cai Wensheng: writing micro-blog as a career focus can do a good job


] San Francisco December 8th afternoon, Master Wang, 4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng said the high-profile, micro-blog writes as a career, attention to make their recent decision to close other local micro-blog, Sina micro-blog only. In his view, micro-blog will only be the last one or two only, while the management of several micro-blog is very troublesome, tired of their own fans are difficult to adapt.

Cai Wensheng’s stand, is a public response to the entrepreneur magazine editor Shen Yin micro-blog survey. 8 morning, micro-blog Shen sound habits survey, he wrote on Sina micro-blog: "you can run several micro-blog? Several major portals and micro-blog melee, rice has a lot of celebrities and stage a comeback, V faced with the multi pull. It is said that now there are a number of applications can be a group of individuals micro-blog. But micro-blog will be the same as the blog, so good migration? What is it that can not take away? In the end is to compete for stock celebrity, or hundreds of millions of potential users?

the investigation of the nature of micro-blog, has attracted the attention of many micro-blog users. Some netizens pointed out that the major portals have why micro-blog Sina can do better, because Sina has accumulated a lot of resources, while other sites also have these same resources, but Sina through the integration of resources quickly launched micro-blog, occupy the first mover advantage. And I think it sounds, micro-blog and blog is not the same, the relationship is difficult to take away. For Shen tone and Cai Wensheng’s position, the vast majority of micro-blog users have expressed support.

from the domestic market, the number of registered users of sina micro-blog has more than 50 million, much higher than other micro-blog products, but also far ahead in popularity and influence. According to Sina micro-blog’s planning, positioning Sina micro-blog platform is an open platform, the establishment of the micro-blog ecosystem on this platform, to provide services for different users, developers. Due to the different positioning, in the open platform level, Sina micro-blog currently no competitors. In terms of other micro-blog products, they are Sina micro-blog has completed the work of the past 1 years, and the gap between Sina and micro-blog will inevitably further widen.

previously, Cai Wensheng has been working with their own Sina micro-blog, due to the distinctive point of view,’s Sina has attracted about 1 million 300 thousand of micro-blog fans attention. During the world cup in South Africa, Cai Wensheng has launched a micro-blog micro-blog iPad and iPhone activities to send forward on sina. Statistics show that just 26 days, Cai Wensheng’s fans grew by 164 thousand, an increase of nearly 3 times the average daily increase of 6310. Through a series of activities, Cai Wensheng and 4399 of the company’s visibility has been greatly improved.

as a well-known angel investors, Cai Wensheng is also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of micro-blog platform. "This is our best chance." In November 16th, China’s first micro-blog Developers Conference, Cai Wensheng to the domestic third party developers issued this >

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