State Administration for ndustry and Commerce 20 serious illegal advertising sites accounted for 32

State Administration for Industry and Commerce: 20 sites serious illegal advertising accounted for 32.93%

[TechWeb] reported on March 25th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced on 20 web site advertising monitoring data. Monitoring of various types of online advertising a total of 1 million 56 thousand, serious illegal advertising 347 thousand, accounting for the total number of monitoring of 32.93%.

advertising illegal phenomenon in the pharmaceutical, medical, health care, food, cosmetics, beauty services and other areas is particularly prominent.

recently, the industrial and commercial departments throughout the country are investigating the phenomenon of illegal online advertising. According to the specific case published a Industrial and Commercial Bureau, illegal advertising network includes the medical industry to use the Internet for false propaganda, prominent under the Ministry of health "and other words, or no partnership with industry experts to conduct propaganda; in the cosmetics industry, exaggerated the effect on product performance, the effect of false propaganda, false promise.

industry insiders believe that in recent years, the rapid development of network media, the growing spread of the surface, advertising companies and individuals on the network more and more. Some lawless elements of the use of online advertising regulation is relatively lax or difficult to regulate the characteristics of a large number of illegal advertising or even false advertising, cheating consumers, causing losses to many consumers. As the carrier of such illegal advertising, some commercial sites due to lax review of advertising, but also has an unshirkable responsibility.

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