Stationmaster net broadcast why WeChat public number read down so badly

1 drops quickly get the license: private cars can meet the conditions of access platform  

October 8, 2015, for China’s mobile industry, is a landmark day.

in the afternoon, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission official to drops fast car platform issued a "network business qualification about car rental platform license" — this is the first domestic car platform qualification license, means that the Internet car has been officially approved.

and in the morning, Uber also announced that settled in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, this is the only one outside of the establishment of the independence of the United States Uber company, the business moved to Chinese operation — from the "legalization" one step closer to the server on the territory of Chinese.

concern is that about car rental Shanghai mode allows the vehicle access network in line with the appropriate conditions about the rental platform, and access to vehicles and other daily supervision by the platform side responsible.

2.7 day National Day movie box office has contributed to the listed companies which  ?;

National Day holiday period, the movie box office revenue grew 60% to $1 billion 850 million, exceeding the same period in history. The interface news lists the recent release of the film as well as its investment, in fact you see "embarrassed" in Hong Kong as well as light media performance has made some contribution.

from the list, the top of a "peaceful" aura "embarrassed embarrassed" Hong Kong released 14 days to get 1 billion 490 million yuan at the box office. No matter how the film quality or viewing impressions, "Hong Kong" has become a embarrassed phenomenon of works is a fact. The Senate vote "in addition to Xu Zheng" embarrassed Hong Kong 21 INVESTMENT HOLDINGS (1003.HK), and the "embarrassed" Thailand had invested in the light media (300251.SZ).

it is important to note that in the "net income" released in Hong Kong at the box office at the beginning of the embarrassed Xu Zheng had to 150 million yuan will be the upcoming "embarrassed" 47.5% port was sold to 21 Holdings (1003.HK), most people think that Xu Zheng is no confidence in the box office, but I do not know this is a private capital operation. In simple terms, because of the 21 Holdings (1003.HK) Xu Zheng also has to sell 150 million of the capital equity, net income of 47.5% at the box office, is left to right pocket and pocket. Such a deal, Xu Zheng in addition to 150 million of the transaction amount, in the Hong Kong stock market will be held by the stock price of more than 21. The price impact at the box office is a direct precedent: by the end of 2012 "embarrassed" Thailand and after the release of light stock price had soared more than 75% in 2010; "the west" in · JiangMo prompted Stephen Chow to release it before the backdoor bingo group shares soared nearly 50%. Therefore, "Hong Kong" embarrassed if sold, holding 21 shares are likely to rise homeopathy. And so it is. To 21 of the current holdings of HK $3.7 share price calculation, six months or more than 1>

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