We must adhere to the confusion of the webmaster

after the SP profiteering era

no sex, (not all different) without high uplink

many webmasters are confused, should not be out of the site (Wang Zuan)

is the phrase "think that year", think that year, the daily income of 300~500 is not a strange thing

to now, 30~50 has been very good

now I do a regular stop, IP in 1000 or so, put the GG, daily income is only about 1usd

it’s been a tough day… However, I believe that will always be a victory

whenever people say that every day there are dozens of USD are particularly excited, 10USD is equal to 78rmb, there are dozens of USD not hundreds of

of course I know it’s impossible for me to stand now, so I have to stick to it.

update about 8 points a day, because at that time, Baidu is particularly powerful, immediately gave you updated

to find some key words, SEO look, after half a month of research now I have several key words are ranked first in the

so, we must adhere to the final victory.

even temporarily lost direction, do not be discouraged, more attention to how others are successful.

There’s no secret on the

network, but you can’t find it. You found it, you made it.

here, I hope that the same as I have lost the webmaster, we must adhere to and continue to explore new ways.


revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need to work hard.

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