Free to 360 the establishment of website security alliance fanghei

October 22nd, the new joint network interconnection, 360 websites guards Chinese sunshine Internet data, 30 well-known IDC service provider, jointly launched the "Chinese site security hacking alliance" in Beijing, the IDC service provider alliance free access website security guards service, in one fell swoop for domestic 100 million websites provide security permanent free, about the total number of domestic websites 1/3.


360 site guards and 30 IDC service providers jointly launched the "China hacking website security alliance", roughly covering 100 million websites, accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of domestic websites, this also means that the domestic 1/3 site can be convenient to enjoy 360 free website protection service, no longer let hackers.

in the conference site, the reporter asked the 360 sites guards will take charge mode, 360 vice president Tan Xiao Sheng replied, 360 websites guards and 360 security guards like, are free, because as an Internet service provider, with the increase of the number of users, increase the marginal cost is very small (almost zero). This constitutes the basis of the "free".

IDC’s new vice president Yang Guofu said the Internet technology, as a web based service providers, often as part of hosting site was DDOS large flow attack, implanted Trojans, malicious tampering, affect the stability of the entire room. As a service provider to spend a lot of human and financial resources to carry out security aspects of the support, but also spend a lot of money to buy protective bandwidth. To carry out strategic cooperation with 360 sites guards, which is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the site, enhance the user experience, but also save the maintenance cost, is a win-win cooperation.

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