Many companies sell the name and address information under the Ministry of money institutions questi


company sold the name and address information scam (Tencent technology plan)

every reporter original Blonde from Beijing

yesterday (January 21st), the name and address information to the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute headache.

the "daily economic news" reporter received a report said, some companies from the Ministry of industry and the name of the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute, reselling of name and address information, name and address information that can be used as investment, after years of reselling will earn more money, or make the enterprise profit, however upon receipt of the buyer after payment, they deserted.

reported that the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute is the main regulatory information name and address, and the companies involved have been called the telecommunications research institute authorized, so I hope the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute to restore the loss of the party.

Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of commerce did not respond positively to this incident. A staff member said that the relationship between the Telecommunications Research Institute and several companies involved, and now can not give a reply. However, the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry has agreed to today (22) morning by the leadership of the Institute to meet with representatives of the parties to discuss the matter.

points to the Ministry of industry subsidiary

information name and address service is a new type of service that integrates the internet addressing technology and mobile communication technology. The user can use to send SMS, MMS way through the access number 12114, or by sending a service browser request, after system analysis, the user will get back the corresponding information and guidance to all kinds of name and address information association registered information service. Simply put, users can send text messages related to the key to the 12114, to obtain the appropriate corporate information and services.

fact, registered name and address information is similar with the domain name. It is because of its characteristics, the "daily economic news" reporter from informants was informed that the country has several companies engaged in the sale of information name and address, but some information from the site after the buyer pays, get is related to the company empty scene.

According to

reported, they took the hand of the contract, the new Beijing Internet network technology limited company for the telecommunications research organization, and the new network will be Shenzhen winhi Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhongqi Shenzhou Network Technology Co. Ltd. as its registered service providers. The registration service providers through the business registration information query etc., by small and medium-sized enterprises in a certain area to contact the person in charge, then the name of the Ministry under the banner of holding lectures, for small and medium-sized enterprises responsible person registered name and address information, outright ownership within a certain period of time, then by all means to continue to invest construction "money, but ultimately did not get any return buyers.

due to the sale of related information

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