From students to business owners experience

I is the first contact with the network. Just too lazy life is not good “99 ` ` when legend not out, a lot of people are playing word games, arena chat rooms, to 99 years in October to a legend. At that time, I on the Internet is also in order to chat a high ` so play a cold rainy night later in the arena ` ` met a librarian inside science called "rain" is he influenced me ` ` he is a programmer from Guangdong, is very nice to chat with him very long to see ` ` gradually become a fan the network I ` ` school sports to the school, the national level of participation is “800 meters to two national athletes certificate ` ` became a true athlete, but he is not happy because I know you ` ` no longer love sports in this industry, a year and a half time only after I do not know how ` ` learning performance is getting worse, the playground do not go to training, I am looking for the coach. But you have to know what are the site of what is what is the IIS“ forum, how to make a website ` ` of course at that time the ASP with a ready-made source, do not understand what PHP.Net, just remember in the rain under the help of HTML know some confused so sharp graduated from high school..

graduated from high school to home on going to college, and failed in the exam, you want to learn the computer, so look for a private university on a college that is computer based three playing for two years, mostly playing games’ later realized when late ` ` so large it is sharp and confused graduated.

after graduation to find work, or how to explain home ah, so I thought to find a place to fill, so find a computer school learn a year’.. Here the "ET" from Hebei he is also a computer fan, we get a very good year, help each other, finally Xueyeyoucheng, that day we left school dinner, he asked me what I intend to say, I want to go back to my hometown of Shandong, a network company to do home he said, he also think so, after only QQ phone contact. So he sent me to the station to leave the heart of the motherland – Beijing.

began looking for work after returning home, dad said that a friend’s son mounted machine in the computer city, but wages asked me not to do, then you can put half of it, computer, Internet cafes will to install the system. Also know how to do without disk technology, but life has long dull, eat – work – Internet – sleep.

time in a year, how one day "ET" call I asked the old friend to call certainly happy, chatted for more than an hour, he said he did not want to intend to start, do a digital network. The server has bought over the years to me to a dry. Calculate to the Spring Festival, there are more than a month, and discuss the home home agree.

is the beginning of the ten month I set foot on the train to Beijing, the morning of the second day to Beijing, just to see the station "ET" day standing under the snow, two people meet.

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