Chen Tong will serve as president of a little information am currently denying official news tomor

today, a number of media broke the news, said Chen Tong, vice president of millet will serve as the post of president of a bit of information, Chen Tong denied. But the interface news was informed that tomorrow or there will be a formal announcement.


Chen Tong, vice president of

millet. Photograph: LAN Fei

October 27th, media reports from blue Hui Chen Tong, vice president of millet will become a little information of president, concentrating on a point of information content, etc.. At the same time, he will serve as co president of Phoenix, collaborative content interoperability platform two cooperation.

report also said that Chen Tong will soon go to a bit of information and Phoenix office, and he is still vice president of millet, millet will not leave.

this, Chen Tong himself in response to a media reporter’s inquiry, the direct denial of the news, saying it was a rumor of competitors.

two years ago, Chen Tong departure from Sina, millet joined the company, served as vice president, responsible for the content of the investment and content operations. Last February, millet and phoenix new media became the first round of investment, little information as of now, millet holds little information 30% of the shares, is the second largest shareholder, phoenix new media hold a little bit of information 46.9% stake in the first major shareholders.

although Chen Tong himself denied the news, but there are many sources that rumors.

interface news reporter learned from informed sources, the official official news may be announced tomorrow.

if Chen Tongzhen join a little information or Phoenix, the latter two are good news. A little information on the Chen Tong and narrow the gap to today’s headlines, and the Phoenix stock staff also waiting for good news release".

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