The flow of business secret operations cheating, unspoken rule is the inevitable trend of soaring cl

A5 ( station network November 12th news, November 10th, Baidu internal corruption cases broke out immediately become the focus of the industry, website of the black box operation since open to the world, and as early as October 18th, according to Caixin published survey, the Alibaba because of the hammer mobile phone number of reservation fraud 4 Tmall executives.

traffic from the Internet at the beginning of fraud, two recent incidents have exposed shady traffic will be re recognized "unspoken rule" on the table, in order to advertising revenue the most direct indirect benefits, on the face, more and more traffic, as everyone knows to what transactions become the default unspoken rule.

Baidu four cases of corruption and the number of Tmall’s mobile phone booking fraud

Baidu corruption cases breeding in the website promotion and advertising alliance, game distribution business, is one of the main sources of revenue for Baidu, and most have profit space projects, is also the most prone to "covert operation for their own interests" corruption places. Liao Jun, general manager of game division of search resources cooperation department responsible person Wang Qingwei, brand manager Chen Gang and display advertising display advertising operation planning department Customer Service Supervisor Lin Hanchao and union development department general manager Ma Guolin, from Baidu active away to the police.

According to

reports, Ma Guolin said in 2014 this year, Baidu Union summit, Baidu partners will bring TAC (traffic acquisition costs) into nearly 7 billion, when all the huge cash on hand through the temptation often have problems, has become an inevitable trend.

October 11th, Tmall users capture web page source code, the number of mobile phone booking hammer is artificially added "3 times", fake parties said, when the call data port of the front page dynamic error will be cleared, as far as possible in order to keep a number and appointment, so I chose "multiplied by 3". October 18th, Alibaba has given punishment to the appropriate staff.

traffic black box operation

for the site, the biggest profit point in advertising, and for advertisers, with the "what" choose your site advertising is also the key focus. Thus, the flow of the site has gradually played a recognized responsibility for the good or bad.

trading flow, everything is in order to survive, in order to benefit.

2013, Wang build a website, in order to adhere to the "content is king" and "its purpose", every day the update site and careful editing, recommendation, but the whole operation for two years, Wang Mou has not appeared in advertising. In contrast to the other day flow of hundreds of thousands or even millions or tens of millions of websites, Wang struggling website only ended up being forgotten.

in order to achieve profitability, many people began to "work flow" deal. The website of the flow based on the massive demand, traffic trade means is to emerge in an endless stream.


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