Dating site into the real name system era foreground anonymous background real name

"these years, the achievement of the marriage dating website, it should be said than the history of the greatest matchmaker more. We have received a lot of thanks to the people who find happiness through this platform. Now one of the problems is that when more and more users of dating sites, there are a number of ‘advancing with the times’ liar, eyeing this platform, this group of people, but a lot of energy. Because they registered a person, may be linked to ten thousand people, many users to harass."

day before the Chinese Social Work Association, dating service industry committee director general, Lily network CEO announced Tian Lily network dating sites "100% number", is a sigh.

dating site, was to break the traditional dating service single service mode, derive a more relaxed, efficient matchmaking channels. Rely on the network dissemination of information, fast, high efficiency advantages, dating sites can contribute to millions of men and women into the marriage hall every year.

especially in the past two years, along with the maturity of the service and the popularity of television dating programs, dating sites usher in the development of blowout. However, single men and women also face network marriage proposal "authenticity, reliability" problems. Due to the number of users of love and marriage website tens of millions, so although the untrue, unreliable, the relative proportion is small, but the absolute number can not be ignored.

There are some typical tricks

dating sites, such as bars, meal tray, or in ticket, borrowing and winning, voice telephone, jockey club name for fraud, and even one night stand. A variety of means, may occur in the marriage website.

love and marriage website has a famous case: a woman posing as a male officer, and a woman on the net love, cheat each other a lot of money, to the last party found that she is not a man.

"on the Internet to know a person, you will not be online and his (her) married, must go into the real life. To meet him (her), and he (she) to go on a date, see the parents of both sides, and finally form a real marriage. True love is the most important attribute." Tian Fanjiang said.

in fact, the Internet for the real name system for a long time, micro-blog, e-commerce, games, social networking platforms are actively implementing the real name system". However, despite the real name system, users can have a significant protective effect, but the vast majority of sites worry about enforcement 100% real name system will lead to the loss of users, therefore, in addition to to several C2C sites, many web sites have been encouraging user authentication, but not mandatory requirements.

however, many single men and women in the process of network marriage proposal will have such doubts or entanglements: each other’s material is true? How to confirm the true identity of the other side to ask? Id not embarrassed, destroy the romantic atmosphere, and doubt it, it is very difficult to.

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