Need 2 million 600 thousand tents and urge the publishers to immediately help release Sichuan earthq

this morning I opened my mailbox to receive an e-mail sent by Google, thank you very much for the attention of the Google disaster areas in China, the following is the content of

earlier today, Google received from the Sichuan earthquake and the crew of the government help information, because it has been raining, very worrying large number of victims in Beichuan area of Mianyang, is now in urgent need of shelter victims can make 600 thousand tents! According to Sichuan on the afternoon of the government’s latest release of information, the need for a total of 2 million 600 thousand top


with the power of the network, let more people understand the disaster information to help assist the stricken compatriots to maximize the help, our AdSense team members of a best wish and duty. To this end, we urge the publishers to see this message, please help to release this information on your website, so that we can spend a few of our compatriots cold wet night, more than a warm.

the power of a web site is limited, the strength of the joint infinite. Your help and hard work is a great hope for the people in the disaster area. Here, we sincerely hope that all publishers and we unite to give full play to the power of the Internet in our hands, for earthquake relief out of a force!

we will continue to release from the disaster assistance information, if you are willing to join hands with us to help our compatriots in disaster relief, reconstruction, please register your Google AdSense iO-vpoNkmBZ20KeBkEQ, seismic love Alliance… We will need the first time to contact you. In addition, please rest assured that your contact information will be provided only as earthquake relief, we will strictly protect your privacy.

in the end, we sincerely appreciate and thank you for your help!

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