The business model to be verified 800 million valuation bubble

Abstract: pull hook net has not achieved the source of income, the lack of depth of innovation, business model to be verified, the development mode for users is still relatively traditional user experience, stay in the relatively simple page display does not have a deep moat, lack of social network and community, the depth of the combination of user stickiness to be verified, the network was set up a year get up to 8 hundred million of the valuation, there is clearly larger bubbles.


in August 20th, in the United States listed Zhaopin recruit recruit website announced as of June 30th 2014 fiscal fourth quarter and full year unaudited financial results, fourth quarter net profit of 55 million yuan over the same period last year, 37 million 600 thousand yuan increase of 47.6%, total revenue of RMB 283 million 600 thousand yuan, up 18.1% over last year’s 240 million 200 thousand yuan. The recruit positive earnings after hours stock price rose 9%, and on the same day, the network announced the completion of a $25 million B round of financing, which was founded only a year the company received 800 million yuan valuation.

the network launched in July 2013, is a vertical recruitment website on the Internet industry, the website announced that currently has more than 20 thousand Internet Co settled, including BAT and other Internet giants, there are millet, American corporations and other fast-growing Internet Co, corporate coverage areas include mobile Internet, games, O2O, cloud computing, Internet finance etc. 25 Internet market segments, more than one million Internet practitioners are registered users online, accumulated about 3000000 passengers resume.

was founded in 1997 in the recruit through five rounds of financing and after nearly 20 years of painstaking efforts, Zhaopin June 2014 finally succeeded in the United States market, a market capitalization of $752 million. The establishment of the network compared to recruit, valuation of only one year up to 8 hundred million, the existence of a bubble in

?Business model

, pull hook net hasn’t been established, pending the verification phase.

has announced in the network over millions of users number at the same time does not publish website income over the past year, pull hook network co-founder Xu just publicly about the network business model, and other recruitment company is different, pull hook net fees to enterprises and users in the recruitment process will not, and if companies pull hook successful recruitment job seekers will be charged about monthly salary of 20% service charge. However, there is no large-scale pull hook nets began commercial attempts, mainly to provide free services for enterprise


can be seen from the above public account, but there is a pull hook net business model idea, but there is no stable income to verify the feasibility of the business model, the feasibility of the business model is still in the stage to be verified.

ten years ago in the United States listed Chinese recruit website 51job, online recruitment services revenues for the fourth quarter of 289 million 200 thousand yuan, mainly due from the use of.

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