SouFun was Shenzhen real estate intermediary boycott require lower port costs

[Abstract] Shenzhen intermediary union said that if the threat from the housing, housing can not meet these 4 requirements in any one, intermediary alliance and the local intermediary companies will take unified action to terminate the cooperation with the search room.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on June 18th

in the real estate market downturn, the housing and real estate intermediary honeymoon has been broken, is around the rise of the real estate agent to fight the housing. Tencent science and technology today learned that the Shenzhen real estate intermediary today with the housing war".

today, Centaline, United real estate, real estate and Midland United etc. the Shenzhen intermediary Union, on the search room many times in recent years to upgrade the name of the launch multiple versions of ports, costs continue to protest against the behavior of prices, and hope SouFun can lower the cost.

According to Zhang Dawei, chief analyst at Centaline Property, said the Shenzhen intermediary union to the main room to make three demands:

1, the housing market in Shenzhen immediately stop selling the 180 edition, the version of the 600 version of the port and the product, only to retain the company now in the Shenzhen intermediary alliance approved by the company’s version of the 60 and the 120 version of the port products;

2, the housing intermediary Union for each company to provide various discount rates based on the existing version of the port on the 50 percent off again, which folded after the 60 edition, 120 edition of 82.5 yuan per month for 137.5 yuan per month, and the payment adjusted monthly payment;

3, found room to help stop the sale of wireless products, mobile phone, mobile phone to find the found room to help real app are no additional charges; finally, according to the above requirements and requirements from Shenzhen intermediary union the public to sign separate agreement is valid for 1 years.

Shenzhen alliance threat SouFun, saying that if the housing can not meet the requirements of any of the above 4, the agency and the local national intermediary companies will take a unified action, the termination of cooperation with the housing.

real estate business general manager Lin Kellogg said the scene, the news conference was held on in the industry is not standardized and illegal boycott, Shenzhen intermediary union hope to take this opportunity to appeal to the relevant enterprises to comply with industry rules, keep rational and healthy cooperation, otherwise, any one wants to rely on illegal profit of the enterprise, will be the industry boycott.

this is the Hangzhou and Beijing and other places after the joint boycott of real estate agents, the recent joint boycott event occurred. In the real estate market downturn in the market, the intermediary staff is not good, but a lot of revenue was made to go out of the room.


chain of home real estate Vice President Lin Qian has previously said, to promote listings on the platform, the company in 2013 to pay port fees amounted to 3-5 billion yuan, an increase of 3 times more than in 2012. In the first quarter of this year, nearly 60% housing results, while the intermediary companies operating difficulties even stores. More industry pointed out that now to the network >

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