Pay New Year’s call! Stationmaster magazine tenth new year released, Benqi graph king cover!!

In January,

hosted a publication by Comsenz "stationmaster" magazine in January 22, 2009 tenth hot baked, the grassroots Zhanpai master graph king topped the magazine cover, will bring a variety of actual combat experience not to be missed for everyone.
                        (the picture: graph king to grassroots Zhanpai master in this period cover character)

through the ordinary 2008, ushered in the glory of 2009. For our webmaster webmaster magazine editor Zhang Xiang carefully prepared around the station and pay New Year’s call photos, Kang Sheng staff personally give you the photos they also pay New Year’s call stationmaster, as we explained from "open source to open the COMSENZ community with the road" of the detailed process, to celebrate the three anniversary of open source activities with you went into COMSENZ’s full product line.
                  (the old picture: K I went to Beijing last organization webmaster party photos at the scene area pay New Year’s call)
          & nbsp;
                    (the picture: Yanhuang network four bit MM give you a
    pay New Year’s call);      
        (the picture: open source to open COMSENZ the community with the road)

"end of the year special report" column for you to bring profits and inventory. One of the profits for you to show the owners a lot of ways to make money, profitability, but also provide a practical way for the profit of the "assistant" which is very useful for the analysis of the union is very useful to you. The end of the inventory is the inventory of the 2008 year of the webmaster circle memorabilia, the most popular IDC service providers, the top ten station program, the most popular advertising alliance. Because it is recognized by the owners of the inventory of the authority and timeliness of doubt.


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