n addition to hardware Apple faces fierce competition, such as Amazon and other nternet giants


technology news (Chao Hui) September 8th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, apple is trying to be NOKIA, RIM and DELL and other competitors in the field of hardware "to the grave", but faced with the Internet field competitors fight.

Amazon and Google (micro-blog) launched a $199 tablet computer in hardware and industrial design quality not high priced products Apple rivals, but the two companies have started to rely on the Internet that they are outstanding in their old business and cloud services. Apple has not yet achieved victory in these two areas, people still remember Apple’s music social networking service Ping


has not yet been able to produce a company can be comparable with Apple’s hardware products, but weaken its sales in the digital media advantage has proved possible. Amazon announced on Thursday after the new tablet computer, a U.S. federal judge approved the settlement agreement reached by the U.S. Department of justice and several e-book publishers, which will help boost Amazon’s business. Apple, part of the book publishers, book sellers and the author believes that the settlement agreement will allow Amason to use high discounts undermine the cultural ecological chain forces.

Amazon hopes to

in the electronic book market advantages into publishing digital media through its equipment advantage, this is Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) on the strategy to meet consumer demand for media.

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