WeChat small program officially launched KUKE small program fun with your entire business model

Ma Huateng as "a small program" platform, known as the Tencent, the horse father seldom product platform, WeChat and Tencent in importance as can be imagined "apps".

as early as December 28th WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong announced the release of a small program in January 9th. As promised, this morning, a small program gradually released publicly available.


Zhang Xiaolong stressed that "small program is a need to download and install the application can use it, realize your dreams, sweep or search user can open the application, can also go out of the idea, the user need not install too many applications, the application is available everywhere, but there is no need to install uninstall."

small program launch, so that WeChat’s own platform to enhance the ability to open up, but also for the vast number of technical personnel and entrepreneurs to bring a lot of convenience.

around the small program and WeChat ecosystem, cool as a senior WeChat R & D program mall system leading Internet technology service providers, has been gaining momentum, the development of on-line KUKE small program product has been officially launched. The service is being poured into the major businesses.


early in the official release before the "KUKE" program has invited both inside and outside of the industry for its products of experience and testing, and on the evening of January 6th publicly held online live product experience, the response was very good.


"KUKE" around the small program, provide the application strategy, development, operation, promotion and other services

"KUKE" small program mall system has realized shop management, commodity management, order management, membership management, several functions of settlement management, implementation of the main process of commodity trading. Existing shop templates, shipping templates and promotional activities, such as choice for businesses, auxiliary operations and sales. And more vertical fine classification template, will continue to update.



small program based on "technical services" provided by KUKE are as follows:

first, to provide drag and drop (elastic) development components, low threshold development applet. "Too much" registered businesses can download free KUKE small program code, upload issued by WeChat small program background.

second, to help traditional enterprises, with a small program to better connect the Internet and electricity providers, to provide more industry characteristics of small procedures, the formation of industry solutions;

third, provide promotion and operation support, the company has accumulated a lot of cool flow channels in the past few years, and the entrepreneurial team has ten years of business development and operation experience;

fourth, around a small program, providing peripheral services >

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