The Ministry said Google license is still in the trial of Google China in the mainland only 3 busine

since 6, Google in Chinese, site at the bottom of the page "c2010 ICP card and B2-20070004 words", and links to the Ministry of filing website management system, lead to the outside world "Google has achieved ICP license renewal" speculation. Ministry spokesman Wang Lijian 7, global times, said Google’s ICP (Internet content provider) license annual inspection is still under review.

Wang Lijian said, because Google is about to submit relevant materials required for inspection at the end of June, although before the prescribed deadline, but relatively late, so at present, the license audit is still in progress. It is uncertain when the audit will be completed. If completed, the Ministry will timely release news.

Agence France-Presse quoted 7 Google Chinese public relations director Wang Jinhong said, Google in China operating licence is valid for 5 years, but every year to the annual inspection, "if Google through this inspection, everything will run smoothly as long as the government is not clear; China refused, Google in China has been effectively operating license". But she also said that when 2012 expires, the Chinese government may choose to revoke Google’s ICP license in china. Reuters 7, said that if the license is not allowed to renew the license, Google will continue to operate in mainland China

Why is

for inspection in, at the bottom of the page appeared "c2010 ICP card and B2-20070004 words", Wang Lijian explained, because of Google’s operations in China in 2012 before the license expired, this is just a routine inspection. According to Agence France-Presse, for this issue, Wang Jinhong also said that this is just the site’s home page changes, Google is still waiting for the reply of the Chinese government.

according to Wang Jinhong introduction, now, Google China in the mainland only music, translation and shopping 3 business. These 3 are not related to the contents of the review function, its web pages, pictures and news search services all go to Hongkong, provided by the Hongkong server. "Singapore United Morning Post" 7, citing analysts, music, shopping and translation of the 3 business flow is small, basically do not bring revenue to Google, Google just want to take this to retain part of the business in the mainland to.

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