Stationmaster net broadcast entrepreneurship is so hot, why stationmaster disappeared with a pistol


1 CCTV criticized derivative MLM, is derivative from self to self  

as the platform of WeChat can only develop rules of positive guidance, as the micro operators in the future will become what, just let it certainly may not completely emerge of itself and perish of itself, die, just need to grope in the dark for a while.

yesterday (May 24th) the major media in forwarding a message "secret CCTV" micro business marketing ": through the development of offline" circle of friends show off their wealth, micro business once again became a target for all.

early in the year AD 2015 Spring Festival Gala before, taking the Si Bu micro horse group A new force suddenly rises. ho throw 25 million 10 thousand heavily, won the CCTV Spring Festival evening ratings giant high advertising resources of gold, and claimed to be in the next year to hit more advertising money in the CCTV channels, so as to be able to bring its dealers sense of social identity, with CCTV’s credibility and spread to the micro business name pyramid in the whirlpool. As the saying goes: "milk is the mother", but after the new year, there is poison mask problem turns bombing derivative problems, CCTV show MLM problem and so on for swindling, derivative by CCTV name buried a lingering shadow.

2 venture so hot, why webmaster disappeared?  

over the past few years, the Internet industry continued with entrepreneurial hot, a lot of entrepreneurs with a dream to go on the difficult road of entrepreneurship. However, a phenomenon that has been overlooked is that the Internet has been the most active group of entrepreneurs – the webmaster has disappeared in this era. And recently, also heard a friend told me, held eight years also stationmaster Congress should take a bow. This in the end is why it is the transformation of the poor, or the inevitable? I think there are several objective reasons.

1, high technical threshold of

Once the

in the PC era, individual owners of this group was a group of important Internet entrepreneurs, like 123 Li Xingping, Meitu Xiu Xiu, Cai Wensheng and so on, they are the first batch of gold on the Internet entrepreneurs. This is usually the Adsense business, buy a domain name, the IDC operator and where to buy a server, and set up a text or picture stand on the server, manual and machine acquisition, regularly update the content, then rely on advertising and website for cash flow. However, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the current technology threshold of the Internet has increased significantly.

3 m super million package acquisition of the 6 domain name  

May 25th hearing, domain name investor Chen Haonan in the near future to acquire 6 of the 2 Hybrid Domain Name:,,,, and The total price of more than one million yuan 6 domain names. >

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