Anatomy of nternet classification information and regional classification information

classification information website, in our daily life on the Internet, the size of the large, large amount of information, amazing, and its role and function is also convenient for people’s supply and demand.

when we open the search, you will find the website of domestic classification information and more, have the national nature of the local nature of the site, why the information classification of national information classification as a regional site

so hot?

today opened several classified sites nationwide, found that the "rental" of this column only a few post information, and open the classified information website of any local, found inside the information day hundreds or even thousands, so think of the site, there is also a place category that is still a question to us! A few days ago I saw a news, say classified sites nationwide, copied information content of local classification, classified information website by local court, oh, it seems the whole network information classification, does not have what information can be released, the scope may cover it is slightly too wide, carefully observe the only national information publishing right.

we go local website a look, whether it is the flea market, or the secondary market, because they are in direct contact with the local people’s life, the information released by the scope is basic in the local, the relationship between supply and demand is local, from here we can see clearly that the advantage of the local portal station location classification. The face of this situation, the whole network classification should also know how to adjust the operating structure, of course there is shallow talk! Specific conditions! The user experience is mentioned from here, the user is in the local hair will no longer go to the field, perhaps this is the people’s habits of our website should! With people’s footsteps? Or reverse the footsteps of people to the site? Classified information market potential is large, broad application, we are to hold. According to a survey of a city real estate intermediary, found their supply and demand basically from the local classification information website, then get information after filing into their own information to others after a fee! No wonder, a shop, a few computer can also receive a few months of one hundred thousand, have a business 10-30


actually any website development, whether the whole network or local network, all need a survey before operation in order to coordinate the needs of the people, all need a stick! If using the structure instability, not the true Ma once said a famous saying: "today is very painful, tomorrow the more painful, the day after tomorrow will be very happy, but many people have died in the evening of the second day". Collect pen early, shallow talk!

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