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is being held in Beijing, China’s two sessions to become the world’s window to observe china. Foreign journalists from 31 countries, the 135 news agencies gathered in Beijing. This has become a new footnote to the foreign media attention China, China factors is more prominent in the world.

and the U.S. media, their reporters have long rooted in china. At the beginning of the new year, Time magazine published a cover article – "China: the beginning of a new dynasty". Subsequently, the United States Newsweek magazine commented that China is destined to play such a role: for the first time in many years to become a real leader".

in fact, this is not the first time. The founding of new China, Nixon’s visit to China, China’s reform and opening up, which have led to the United States several times, China fever, but the duration is not long. And this round of "China fever", from 2005 to date, and continues to heat up, this is unprecedented.

, however, the media bias still exists, and the average American understanding of China, far less than the Chinese people’s understanding of the United states. It will take a long time for the United States to really understand china.

Kenneth Lieberthal:

China should be invited to the G8 summit

China’s rapid development is the fact that the U.S. government can not ignore. The famous Chinese expert, University of Michigan political science professor Kenneth Lieberthal in an interview with this reporter, said: "over the past 5 years, the United States increasingly aware that China is an important country, said twenty-first Century is Chinese century, this is not an exaggeration. The United States attaches great importance to China, despite the concerns of a trace of doubt. Kenneth Lieberthal: this advice China should be invited to attend the G8 summit, and the United States should also actively participate in regional affairs, such as the East Asia summit.

(Kenneth Lieberthal, who served as president of the United States National Security Council in Asia during the period of the senior director, special assistant to the president, Clinton. In American politics, Kenneth Lieberthal is regarded as the first person to ask about Asian affairs, especially China

Wang Jisi:

U.S. media has maintained a complex state of mind

the United States and even the mainstream Western society has generally recognized China’s peaceful development. However, the fact that the mainstream Western society accepts China’s peaceful development does not mean that in the future they will be completely at ease with the development of China and safeguard their national interests. Whether in the past or now, in the face of China’s development, the U.S. media has maintained a complex state of mind, which has not changed.

(Wang Jisi, renowned foreign policy scholar, Dean of Peking University, University of International Relations)

"two sessions" news center statistics show that, compared with last year, the number of foreign journalists enrolled in this year’s "two sessions" increased by more than 10%. A reporter joked that this figure is exactly the same as last year, China’s GDP growth.

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