Viral marketing in social media

viral marketing seems to have become a film of social marketing standard, become synonymous with video marketing. But what does this concept refer to, whether each video marketing are viral marketing in the seemingly chaotic spread of madness, whether there is a law to follow, the direction can be found?

a phenomenon: viral marketing

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

) in 2010, a total of 60 million Americans were infected with the H1N1 virus in the past 1 years from the year of April 2009 to the end of the year () — an average of more than 150 thousand people a day.

July 14, 2010, Procter & Gamble in the YouTube posted a 30 second video to promote its male care brand Old Spice, 36 hours playback volume reached 23 million, the daily average of 15 million people infected".

When the

social network to dominate the world, viral marketing can make information to spread a surprising speed. In general, we believe that viral marketing allows companies to achieve the same level of advertising effectiveness at low cost. The movie "Blair" and "witch ghost record" benefit from viral marketing become the dark horse at the box office. In real industry, Evian Roller Babies creative advertising, Burger King chicken was also used as the waiter advertising marketing to win the mention of a classic case.

two concepts: word of mouth and viral marketing

before we go on, we need to define the concept of viral marketing, and other related concepts, such as word of mouth and social media.

word of mouth

(Word-of-mouth) is a broad definition of the consumer and his / her friends, colleagues and other acquaintances to share information on a product or promotion. Word of mouth has been proved to be a great impact on consumer attitudes and behavior, and compared to traditional marketing methods, the impact of consumer choice to change the brand choice of up to 7 times the impact of the advantages.

word of mouth is not a completely altruistic behavior, information dissemination and recipient of the same income. To spread, give reliable information so that they can be satisfied and confident psychologically; for the receiver, word of mouth can help reduce the risk of decision-making and reduce the decision time, because the message from a friend is usually considered to be a reliable and unbiased.

recently, the online reputation is the focus of scholars. Similar to traditional word-of-mouth, internet word-of-mouth, such as buyers evaluation on Amazon reviews and Taobao, can influence consumer decision-making. But the anonymous feedback mechanism at the possibility to manipulate the reputation, resulting in the emergence of. Of course, the word of mouth on the network is relatively easy to collect and analysis, but also to help companies better market research.

virus marketing

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