2014 most likely to be acquired nternet Co TOP 10

2013 will soon be over, if the Internet use the word to describe this year, that is the merger. If you use three words to describe, that is a big buyer. Whether it is Baidu $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless hand shake, to buy PPS for $370 million or $160 million, holding rice, or Sogou competition drama, PPTV to Suning, Ali shot High German maps and Sina micro-blog. A "merger drama" all kinds of rumors flying all over the sky as one falls, another rises. In the upcoming 2014, mergers and acquisitions still will not stop, on the one hand, because of the big three strong, on the other hand, the awakening of the brightest giants in the mobile terminal, urgent need to rely on the capital to buy their own competitiveness, complement the short board. I dark horse believes that in 2014 the acquisition of large buyers, in addition to BAT three giants, Ctrip online travel field, as well as a large number of cash holding NetEase and other veteran Internet Co is also possible to join the war in the acquisition.


, I horse for you to check the 2014 which companies might bondage".

10 good doctor online

Keywords: medical resources

was founded in 2006 is a good doctor online is to provide outpatient service guide information website, founded at the beginning, the good doctor online is focused on providing medical information for patients Chinese, established patient information system the first real-time updates on the internet.

currently, a good doctor covers 31 provinces and cities from the country’s top more than 3 thousand hospitals, hospital departments, more than more than 30 doctors, and this figure is increasing. At present, good doctor has become China’s largest medical triage platform.

Similar to the

platform: Lilac Garden, Xunyiwenyao network

potential buyers: Baidu

acquisition value analysis: as early as 2012, in order to solve the problem of false medical information medical search, entice users to profiteering phenomenon, Baidu open platform data and the good doctor online in-depth cooperation. In the 2013 Baidu World Congress, the founder of good Doctor Wang also said that with the development of Baidu’s open platform, Baidu light applications will further promote the development of mobile health. Health care is the largest proportion of Baidu’s revenue industry, in order to strengthen their competitiveness, Baidu is the force of the industry, the middle page business, to build a small closed loop, health care, education is the focus. With the gradual opening up of the health care market, the market concentration is improving, Baidu needs to advance layout. In front of the strategic holding Baidu where to go and the success of its successful listing of the experience, if Baidu can buy a good doctor, you can get a rich line of medical resources, quickly fill the middle page".

9 Where the network

Keywords: channel

China was founded in 2007, products include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, Home Furnishing >

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