F O2O and C2C group to challenge Taobao racing together bridle to bridle business platform

whether it is the traditional offline marketing, or innovative online marketing, promotional price war is a favorable measure for businesses. Business platform of "double eleven" and "shuangshier" promotional activities, is rolled up business platform sales boom, twelve activities, F group is with "the crazy mission" over Taobao, this is the group purchase industry brilliant record. The author thus: electronic business platform O2O mode and C2C

racing together bridle to bridle!

analysis of many people in the industry: F group was invented to momentum, to deliberately draw user role. But I believe that the electricity supplier platform is not only a simple C2C, O2O model is to make the whole people crazy. Indeed there is a big group purchase industry bubble economy, there is a certain relationship between the vicious competition and before, many small businesses in the absence of good operation mode and perfect service system, it protects the online group purchase website, and the fierce competition in the anti war can not be sustained, resulting in a number of group purchase website collapse the said. But this is not much to do with the buy site O2O model, the demand for O2O users is still very large, only the C2C model has been unable to fully meet the needs of Internet users.

O2O mode is online and offline to enjoy the process cost, user’s life level is improving constantly, the traditional marketing consumer may have been unable to meet their needs, to enter the mobile Internet era also make better citizens start online shopping life, O2O mode is to provide online and offline. With the model, to the public life and brought another new signs. The C2C model provides only online real consumption, and not with the lives of users by combining this business model is not complete for electronic business platform, now only O2O and C2C combined together to create a complete, perfect, healthy business platform.


starts from the domestic group purchase industry, there are many businesses to voluntarily join the group purchase list, group purchase mode of marketing and traditional marketing in puerile mode similar to that of an important point of cheap war is deeply welcome the group purchase of Internet users, business value is not a commodity can have much interest, but their sales can how high your brand can be modified through the group purchase, businesses saw great potential value of group purchase to bring their own, but this is not a point of immediate interest. Many businesses in the industry after joining the group purchase, the store’s business is getting better and better, in a timely manner to the user group purchase will not bring great profits to themselves, but people love merry psychology will bring more users.

author of the Internet as a webmaster, is also one of the little Internet users, not only feel the Taobao platform C2C model, but also feel the buy platform O2O2 model. Webmaster website C2C platform GoDaddy virtual host to enjoy 30% discount, the host detective free purchasing; users daily life is also the need for offline consumption, enjoy the O2O platform F group group purchase volume, KTV tourism coupons. No matter which of the two is less, it will not be

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