2007 nternet Charity Day love activities start

    June 1st, along with the footsteps of the international children’s day, to love relay, Internet people concentric counterparts as the theme of the 2007 Internet Charity Day love activities are also starting today. Love, with enthusiasm. In this early summer season, the Internet has become a love action landscape.

    according to reports, the day of love webmaster activities sponsored by the Internet Society (Comsenz) support, Comsenz launched, aimed at through the love relay, called for more attention to the Internet Internet webmaster, participate in the activities of public day to love. The event will also carry out a variety of forms of interactive activities, such as the establishment of the love of the webmaster group, love webmaster wishes, public service advertising and other interactive links. Integration of the concept of Internet public day, a deeper level to promote and promote the theme of the Internet public day, calling for more caring people love.
  May 25th is the annual "Internet Charity Day", aims to promote the popularization and application of network information technology in the area of the hysteresis Chinese western economic development, the underdeveloped areas and vulnerable groups to be able to access the Internet, sharing digital opportunities, "the construction of the information society people benefit". This is the third day of the Internet, May 25th, Yuyuantan Park in Beijing, hundreds of Internet elite held love called action, feel the Internet public on the first round of love boom. Today, a new round of action continue to love relay convened every loving people and the Internet webmaster with peers, cohesion love, every corner of love on the network.

activities and participation details: http://s.2007gyr.internetdigital.org/

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