Talk about those entrepreneurial failure, with 10 enlightenment

lead: success is the same as the lucky loser is unhappy in its own way…


now the threshold is getting lower and lower, around the students and friends are ready to start a business or venture has been the stage, but the failure rate is high. Every time you can hear someone has been at work, and return to work.

you come to me, all in a dream, look at the failure case of F600 business network ten members to provide it, hope that we can get some inspiration from each other.

1: a big mountain artillery especially when they want to make money, so in the heat of the case, with several senior partnership around the school opened a small bowl dish that the restaurant, because it is the partnership and many people did not have a clear division of labor, so the lazy steal East West Too many cooks spoil the broth., what also appeared, insist on more than 2 months, the shop turned.

inspired: people with no foresight, entrepreneurs should think twice.

2: Department of economics Shan uncle’s friends from early 90s admitted to the court, after the resignation of stocks at the end of 90s, but they have no money to eat in a complete mess. Then went to Guangzhou alone, began to do chemical, slowly improving. Then switch to start a company, help others also have other investment stocks, for example, chess room, good assets continue to rise. But the first two years in Guangzhou, Zengcheng, his own investment in a hotel, the location is relatively remote, the hotel service type is relatively simple, only to do diet. Upfront investment in construction costs, venue rental, labor costs, and others borrowed a lot of money. Follow up funds can not keep up with the lack of popularity, and finally funding strand breaks. All the houses sold, and now owe a debt. At present, people do not know to which the life change radically. Given the age problem, it’s not as easy as it was in 90s.

: quick as quick witted and inspiration for traditional business changes relative to the less.

3 Zhang: my father saved the money before the chicken farms, Bao Shan head kind of stocking. The chicken has not grown up, the bird flu broke out. Later my father took advantage of his position for mining, big brother when placed a small head, earning a few years, big brother abscond with public funds, he was able to the leadership. My father didn’t give up, and a foot Museum, inside the mahjong table meal business, open for more than a year, until now still lose money.

inspired: most of the business failures in the implementation of the problem.

4 Canon: a primary school students and others in Binjiang higher education investment partnership opened a restaurant (very common kind), without any previous experience, too much money, more than and 100 flat place, the waiter asked 6, do not know a few chefs began as expected, business is good later! Also, later in the summer vacation, people eat less, give up, 2 people lost about one hundred thousand.


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