AR real red was on the line was cut Alipay response system upgrade

A recent

AR red limelight out all playing awfully. This new way to grab red, the original simple online communication, online and offline interaction.


10 added "AR real red, but in everyone playing very happy, I did not expect the line one day by God with PS God is cracked, there is no new road to get rich.

is the spread of the Internet to break Alipay real red by Photoshop.

The initial picture

Alipay AR real red provides a "red thread" overweight, scan directly into it is no effect, but the use of magical PS code technology will be removed, and then scan, the success rate can still be. (specific methods you can own Amway oh)

have to say, great friends is really too witty, as a result, AR real red couldn’t play ah. Alipay programmer heart estimation is collapse, you really will play.

of course, this is not always successful, some clues complex or the main body of the picture is not easy to find. Anyway, Alipay programmers may be working overtime again some optimization procedures, distressed three seconds.

the day before yesterday morning, Alipay officially released micro-blog said, has been the product technical upgrade to AR red, the probability of scanning others screen clue to figure to receive a red envelope has been further reduced to very few of the probability, probability through the PS grab red also greatly reduced.

it is no wonder that a few days before the small series of red envelopes set by a stranger to receive AR.

addition, Alipay official said, because of the highest limit of $200 single red, plus a Alipay account can only receive 10 times a day AR real red, want to rely on PS and other methods to get rich is not reliable in the grab red.


on the day of micro-blog, many users feedback, using PS method is not so good, small partners how do you see?

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