Sharing 80 people need to have the quality of the workplace

      80 in recent years has become an important component of the Internet Chinese is constantly mentioned, several successful examples can also set off a wave of young people entrepreneurial boom, in the era of reform and opening up, that is under the tide. I am honored to be a member of the 80. But now some will 80 the wealth hero myth, like idol, but entertainment has now started star but also the ordinary people, we should do more of this circle. The following are some of my own summary as well as from the side of the same as the 80 Companions to see some of the basic qualities, to share with you

      learning has just begun

      a lot of excellent 80 graduated from the famous university, in school or outstanding achievements, or ability to highlight, a school on the top of the halo. But the real embarked on the community, especially their own business, in the face of an encyclopedia, the continuous influx of huge amounts of information and complex interpersonal relationships, these are not rings can be solved. From the school, but also need more efforts than the scholarship in the school’s attitude. I have a friendship between generations the elder brother, he is doing the traditional industry, he once said to me saying: a lot of time in school, you are a bucket, people took the water scoop pouring water into their dry, after you put yourself into a sponge, you are a drop of dew to dry up.

must learn to operate "fame"

there is a saying, go your own way, let others say. This sentence in the moment by the majority of young people to carry forward, but I do not think so, at least this sentence should not be so absolute understanding. We are all social people, on the field to face all the people around the product judgments, often a person’s word of mouth, the absolute impact on his interpersonal relationships, and thus affect the success of the probability. The reputation of operating their own so be careful, take the evaluation of others as their own mirror to correct yourself, if wear. Of course, did not fall into the mire of fish for fame.

less criticism, more reflection, less complaints, more thinking

this one is also my own experience deep, just out of school time, fearless, who are not on their own, the most feared. I believe that many peers also have such experience, a bunch of brothers together, Tangulunjin, a Shenkan, put a lot of criticism from A to Z others. But never know what’s wrong with me. Occasionally some kind of criticism, will be like a hedgehog immediately jumped up to fight back. And see the success of others and then always sniff at, beside the sour whisper, not on the stand for good luck. Later learned to reflect and think, see other people’s problems will also be used to control their own to see if there is not, rather than criticizing others, it is better to correct their own time. Don’t look at the others in full of complaints, which is worthy of their own learning, ISM nor > at this time point

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