nternet lottery or opening the year push co pilot

stopped for nearly a year, the Internet lottery finally reopened the floodgates.

Economic Observer newspaper was informed that the lottery authorities are studying the Internet lottery and telephone lottery management approach, and will be limited in 2016, in a timely manner to promote the Internet lottery pilot. China’s welfare lottery is headed by the Ministry of civil affairs and the sports lottery is in charge of the State Sports General administration.

January 2016, the competent authorities have held a forum on the Internet lottery business, research on the promotion of Internet lottery business. The authority of the industry on the economic observer said, the competent authorities of the Internet lottery business is supportive, the spirit of "open the front door, blocking the back door" principle, setting up internet lottery business requirements can submit business application to the national welfare lottery center and the center.

the authority that the lottery authorities have release approval on the Internet lottery, but enterprises still need through the national welfare lottery center and the center of the qualification examination, which can determine whether the pilot Internet lottery business. According to him, in 2016 so far, there is no list of enterprises from the welfare lottery center and sports lottery center transmission.

since April 2015, the Ministry of Finance and other 8 departments to stop unauthorized Internet lottery sales announcement MediaTek, China lottery industry experienced a year sales performance "negative growth" only 12 years, the decline has continued into the first quarter of 2016. At the same time, including Sina lottery, Taobao lottery, 500 lottery network, etc., including the full stop of the Internet lottery.

now, these companies saw a glimmer of dawn. Industry experts believe that the Internet lottery open front of the qualification audit, you can refer to the payment of the license issued by the experience of the year, the implementation of weak threshold and differentiated competition. The year is divided into several period, participants are basically to get a license, but the Internet lottery will not send so much licence, "the most important is the ability of the enterprise to have professional IT, the actual lottery is a financial business, data errors or omissions caused by the loss will be great."


in the "front door" before the April 2016, lottery authorities and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of Public Security jointly combat the "words network lottery" and other business chaos phenomenon, which is called "blocking the back door".


authority told the Economic Observer reported, "open the door" means of qualification standards, standardized enterprise to try the Internet lottery business pilot, blocking the back door "is against the industry chaos and some irregularities, which is the prerequisite for the front door". He said that now the focus of the fight is to stop the Internet lottery business in 2015, part of the underground to carry out the Internet lottery business small companies.

2015 "big internet lottery company has close business, waiting for regulatory policy; small part of the company because the business stopped directly closed, some have been in a sneaky way to conduct business." An Internet lottery

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