This year the webmaster Piancaipianse and cheat flow

{note: please follow the "Tang Bohu scholar that percussion background reading! Writing is not easy, the novel}


small webmaster

poor sorrow, no one loves….

hard every day, no flow…

for web site traffic….

had to make an adult station…

Unfortunately, the

zeixin zeidan

engage in a regular website, buried dry!

did not want to flow a turnaround…



acquisition flow!

bent on making money!

asked him to deduct the amount of

Mankoudaying does not deduct the amount of



hung for a few days, it should be said no flow…

take screenshots to argue…

didn’t think the man didn’t know where to go


do webmaster amount, not easy

make projects everywhere…

thought it was down…

determined to do it seriously…

didn’t want to end, only for others to do the wedding dress


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