Thousand regiment war re shuffle only half a year 1500 buy site evaporation

in 2010 to buy into China, after more than a year of rapid development, quickly ushered in the shuffle. From August last year so far more than half a year, more than 1 thousand and 500 buy site evaporation.

According to the independent

group purchase navigation site 800 newly released February 2012 "China group purchase statistics report" data show that in February the domestic group purchase transactions amounted to 1 billion 460 million yuan, up 8.1% from the previous month, but Chinese group purchase industry as a whole is still in continuous "downsizing" stage, February buy site number 3626, and the peak is said to have five thousand or six thousand. Sampling monitoring of 400 operating sites found that nearly half of the transition has been to buy physical category.

since the beginning of this year, a lot of group purchase sites are facing financial difficulties. Once a scenery of Groupon, due to the absence of funds to demolish several sub station, once known outside its CEO Ren Chunlei run away, the site was on the verge of collapse. Ganji recently also announced its withdrawal from the group purchase business, the industry believes that the group purchase has entered the two reshuffle.

group 800 report data show that in February the number of sites to continue to reduce the number of purchases, the number of net decrease of more than 164 in January, reduced to the size of the 3626, compared with the heyday of the current half of the five thousand or six thousand have disappeared. Experts predict that in the next quarter there will be nearly a thousand buy site is facing the test of closure or transformation.

this, group purchase consumer expert group 800 co-founder, Hu Chen believes that reducing the number of sites and reduce the whole group purchase group purchase industry scale will continue for a long period of time, from the market capacity, the two thousand or three thousand group purchase station is still some redundancy; and the "thin body swelling can be seen as the industry’s own The new supersedes the old.

buy site is a magic weapon to seek transformation. The handle shopping mall in February this year, foreign on-line, 24 coupons opened a boutique mall, Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) renamed launched Wowo mall, large-scale expansion of real class group purchase.

According to the group

800 introduction: part of the station has to give up to buy a low profit margin of local service class buy, the focus shifted to the physical online shopping products.

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