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December 27th afternoon, China network television was officially launched in December 28, 2009, this morning has been quietly on the line, the domain name ( can be a normal visit, and with China network television synchronized on-line as well as a CBox video client software.

According to the

web page display, China network television navigation are mainly news, sports, entertainment, love and love the five columns of grapefruit, which is love and love the grapefruit two CCTV video website for a period of time before the line, located in the online broadcast and users to share.

it is worth noting that, along with the site synchronization on the line as well as a video client named CBox, has been downloaded on the page. According to official reports show that CBox is a network by joining CCTV and the dozens of sets of local television program the most authoritative video client, it shows the biggest source of relying on Chinese network television, China network television, the client operating system including WinXP/Vista/Win7.

official introduction stressed that all the video content provided by the CBox client does not charge any fees, and equipped with high-definition viewing mode. Insiders said the move, which means that CCTV will enter the video client and storm video, PPStream and PPLive and other direct competition.


technology for the trial of the CBox client, which contains all the broadcast channel of CCTV and local TV stations nationwide dozens of sets of programs, it also includes the CCTV channels wonderful program content on demand.

previously, the industry was also a CCTV network will be merged storm news. According to media reports, there are insiders understand this plan revealed, and storm, negotiations after about a year, has not agree with the identity and content providers to expand the content of storm of cooperation, but to direct docking operations, income etc..

general counsel Zhao Lifan told the media briefing, Chinese network television first step, namely "network bundling" – CCTV 20 channels to achieve full real-time webcast, and add on demand, search, download and comment function. Thus, the national network television can provide an average of 750 hours a day mass program.

previously, according to media reports, in a material, positioning Chinese television network for integrated network video after the state approved the establishment of the public platform, with audio-visual interaction as the core, financial network characteristics and the characteristics of television in one of the globalization.

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