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            buy online and offline operating capacity of the site has become a constraint to buy the development of a fatal short board. Recently, according to the reporter, Thousand Oaks group purchase network’s sticky web site and Yiu Lai international Studios was a lot of consumers questioned, consumers think tickets in confusion, consumers said, most of the coupons required to pay 20 yuan, that is "Huyou group purchase website". The industry believes that the current lack of operational capacity of the line is a common problem to buy site.

glutinous rice network accused fudge consumer

"website coupons can only see 60 yuan less than the ordinary film, but the scene almost all the movies are special films, each movie tickets need to add 10 yuan to see two people together, see you need to pay 20 yuan." Buy glutinous rice in the web site to buy a coupon Miss Zhou said. In addition, she also said that in the coupon on the same day, the site staff once said the system failure, she waited for about 1 hours before the exchange success. According to the reporter, not only Miss Zhou, so that consumers have the same experience also expressed dissatisfaction with the glutinous rice network.

according to the reporter, and McIlroy studios cooperation is the first product group purchase coupons glutinous rice network launched, and in June 23rd the rice online line record on the same day, the day turnover of 150 thousand copies of the record.

at the same time, there are also consumers for businesses will be able to bear 150 thousand of short-term demand insight questioned, but in response to send rice network group purchase consumers said, not because of the increase in the number of sacrificing the quality of service, and has repeatedly said to engage in the business communication activities are confirmed, both sides will try our best to protect the users of glutinous rice the quality of consumer experience. But from the current point of view, a large number of consumers expressed dissatisfaction with the event.

line under the operation of the general website to buy a short board

reporter learned that, due to consumer dissatisfaction with the service provided by the site to buy, the company’s ability to buy the line below the site has been the focus of attention of the industry.

days ago, there is news that some group purchase website, launched hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of people go to a restaurant, go to a barber shop. For example, a large group purchase website launched in Beijing price 125 yuan Yunnan vanilla original Hot pot package, price 15 yuan, the number of group purchase in June 16th showed is 16305 people. Food and beverage industry, said it is difficult to imagine so many people flock to a restaurant, and the user is too much for businesses, which means that the increase in the price of the merchant and service costs, users will also be difficult to obtain high quality services.

a once and the cooperation of the group purchase website owner told reporters, to the website group purchase commodity prices have basically no profit, in addition to the consumer group purchase is relatively concentrated, the quality of service may be reduced.

industry insiders said that the lack of operational capacity of the line is one of the most common problems currently buy site. He believes that the current group buying >

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