nterpretation of Baidu on the violation of the Robots agreement to 360 huge claims a data war

spoiler 360 facing huge lawsuits begin. Baidu sued Qihoo 360 in violation of Robots agreement (also called robot protocol or crawler protocol) unfair competition capture, copy the contents of its website, and claims 100 million yuan. This lawsuit has been filed in February this year, perhaps due to the Robots agreement is too tricky, and so on for more than half a year before the court.

Robots grab case is the source of Baidu data advantage


in January 6th this year will be the first to find 360 beta 360 entries from Wikipedia, a large number of entries to the interface style, properties, almost identical to the extended reading. I guess 360 search in the direction of development in 2013 or will be in the product line, the 360 search completely go Baidu model from news, web pages, quizzes, maps, music to video (software and application of search is 360 unique). But follow-up Qihoo 360 launched a "lightning" mobile phone search software search "and" good doctor search, shopping search, and Baidu products of difference.

a comprehensive search Baidu has first mover advantage, has accumulated more than and 10 years of data and technology, to catch up with the 360 almost impossible in this regard; on the other hand 360 crawling Baidu data practices, the latter was multiple suppressed: both hanging in the head of the procedure, there are redirection techniques. Click on the 360 search results Baidu know, Wikipedia and other pages, will be redirected, the user can not enjoy the full two search experience.

When the 360

search from scratch, and quickly seize 22% (New CNZZ) market share among the Chinese second search, 360 in the PC client channel control advantage is, in turn, will search for Baidu also has a counter 360 means: data. Careful observation of Google and 360 other search engines will find that the probability of the home page Baidu, Wikipedia and Post Bar content is very large, Search ask, love asked knowledge quiz and Qihoo was added. If the search engine does not have Baidu’s data, the user will find a lot of chance to reduce the desired results.

Baidu launched in 2004 each year a heavyweight product: stick, know and wikipedia. Now the data shows the advantage of Baidu UGC strategy had intelligence. These users to create data has become the core of Baidu’s assets, while Baidu’s official operators also contributed, and 360 will be used directly to accumulate data hard to use Baidu, Baidu naturally unacceptable. Whether the data will largely determine the search experience.

Robots protocol, the site to safeguard their own interests tool

Robots protocol is a web site with the search engine after the formation of the discussion, through the Robots.txt landing. Webmasters use it to decide on the degree of openness of the search engine, and guide the crawler to crawl more efficiently. Is now widely used. Google>

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