The air is coming, but the bigwigs Zoupian Jian Feng on fresh point of no return

Abstract: fresh electricity supplier is still faced with a loss of logistics high cold chain storage, high investment, but trillions of market potential and less than 1% of the electricity supplier permeability, favorable policies, like hunger and thirst to capital, "burst" and the upcoming O2O, fresh or become the focus of the next industry concern.

there is a famous saying in the fresh O2O industry — do not die fresh, made fresh to death. This sentence is like a Damour moment Damocles hanging in the entrepreneurial mind, whether domestic or abroad or who do Internet business, more or less will be fresh as a challenging career, appears to have fresh O2O this insurmountable, those aspiring entrepreneurs can find pleasure and passion for entrepreneurship the.

then the problem, fresh electricity supplier of such a large plate, from the self built logistics cold chain operations to enhance service capabilities, to integrate the supply chain through the upstream and downstream industries and so on, these are skills, there are various foundation and repair. All in fresh O2O fought the world "they will encounter the most direct challenge, it is with the market, and fight hand to hand with the user. Next, let’s take a look at entrepreneurs and capital in the fresh O2O field is how to see the trick moves.

, a business boom: all roads lead to Rome, but the bigwigs "Zoupian Jian Feng" on "fresh path"

1, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong: Jingdong home O2O project is its own venture


March 16, 2015, Jingdong formally launched APP home, followed by the Jingdong will take home renamed as Jingdong home". This is known as the Liu Qiangdong has a strategic attribute of Jingdong O2O products, the main is fast delivery. 2015 Boao forum for Asia, Liu Qiangdong in an interview with Tencent technology interview made it clear that the characteristics of the rapid delivery of fresh Jingdong home business is a new strategic focus of Jingdong in 2015.


Liu Qiangdong publicly revealed, "we did 11 years of business, found that clothing, shoes and hats, and even cars, houses, everything can go online sales, but also sell better, but there is one kind of high frequency, is the ordinary people to buy things, almost every day to buy something. No one can do it on the Internet, regardless of platform mode or Jingdong proprietary models, are not ready, it is fresh. Fresh electricity supplier model, operation and the traditional electricity supplier business is not the same, involving business model innovation, must be the highest decision maker Pro Pro, independent operation to succeed. ‘Jingdong home’ O2O project will be my second venture."

where is the difficulty of fresh electricity? Liu Qiangdong said: the first is the traditional supermarket stores closed system, informatization level is not enough, there is no standard interface, Jingdong spend a lot of time to help the supermarket for the transformation of system; the second is operation, the traditional.

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