Palm brigade pass, changing the traditional store sales model

In recent years

tourism business have moved to the mobile terminal, the online travel giant tuniu, Ctrip, where the network launched APP to seize the mobile market. In the highly competitive online travel market, who can quickly integrate the resources and information, who can integrate the resources and information into the transaction value, who is the winner of this battle. How to use the mobile Internet era to break through the traditional marketing model, which is a big problem faced by all traditional travel agencies. In the face of the difficulties, the traditional tourism giant overseas tourist group’s chain supermarket brand "tourism know-all" according to their own situation and the development trend of the times, the launch of the O2O application "· know-all tourism a landmark trip through the palm".

it is reported that this is the first branch of the chain of mobile shopping mall, but also an innovative move in the tourism industry O2O mode mobile strategy. It can not only solve the tourism know-all line more than 3000 stores and is faced with the problem of the traditional sales model is single and vague, can not get rid of office bound, difficult to promote, but also can realize the behavior data collection and analysis, to solve the problem of users want to travel to find travel destination etc.. "Palm Tour" in August 19, 2014, the National Tourism know-all in more than 30 provinces and cities began to promote the operation of branch.

by the end of September 9th, "palm Tour" successful trading orders of nearly 1000, the country more than 1600 business department opened with the "palm Tour", more than 3000 tourists from the "palm Tour" single travel, successful sales have exceeded 7 million. This is the mobile Internet Era "palm Tour" meaning, but also try to traditional outlets for new marketing mode of


stores according to the feedback, "palm Tour" stores changed the traditional marketing model, marketing become more flexible to store, richer, more intuitive, more professional, and provide customers with sales to establish a seamless communication bridge, increase customer viscosity and the retail sales.

store sales, no longer white print

in the traditional travel industry, often by printing or printing stroke / single spots to the customer of the tourism product, for diversified travel products a few white introduced too simple and vague, not the travel / attractions to eat live, scenery, and other diversified characteristics of the transmission of information to customers through the paper. The use of palm brigade, face to face using a mobile phone or tablet, customers scan two-dimensional code into the store’s exclusive mobile travel mall, you can show the customer a variety of rich, standardized network of tourism products. Not only to improve the professional sales, but also to provide customers with a choice of rich, information standards of tourism information services. To change the original oral sales model, enter the mobile face to face sales model!

anytime, anywhere, in the face of customer consultation

When the

is not in the office place, you can also "palm Tour" response in the first time, the rich, intuitive, professional tourism products, a key between the mobile phone sent to clients, customers.

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