Automotive market in the field of e-commerce is calling for a dual understanding of talent

not long ago, Guangzhou owners Ms. Wang to buy a bottle of Mobil No. 1 5W-30 oil in a local auto parts website, cheaper than the market average of nearly 100 yuan. Due to very satisfied with the quality of online shopping, Ms. Wang then in the online purchase of wiper, seat cushion and other accessories and supplies. If it is not necessary to 4S shop maintenance, can change their auto parts I will buy the internet. Quality assurance, door-to-door, the price is cheap." Ms. Wang summed up their own online shopping experience.

Ms. Wang is not the case

. Told reporters that the electronic commerce website "foreign sheep auto mall" and the chairman of Guangzhou Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited Zhang Yonggong Yang sheep days before, along with the popularization of information technology, more and more people choose to buy online auto parts. A period of time in the future, China will usher in the outbreak of an auto parts online trading period, and can understand and understand network car "double understand talent shortage, has become the bottleneck of the development of the auto parts website.

understand the car and understand the Internet too little

"at this stage, most of the people know the auto products do not really understand the Internet, and it knowledge of the auto parts knowledge is not enough." Zhang Yonggong said to reporters, the core parts to the success of e-commerce, is to establish a perfect product database. The first sign of auto parts online shopping consumers, due to the lack of professional knowledge of auto parts, often do not know how to start". In this case, relying on large and complex parts database, search tools through accurate search, consumers can easily and quickly find and buy the required parts, realize the complicated problem. "The establishment and perfection of the professional database needs corresponding human resource reserves, but now we are in the field, but also the lack of a group can understand and grasp the rich network technology, auto parts professional talents, I called" double understand talent "."

due to reasons such as the lack of professional talents, the Chinese has not yet appeared a real influence in the field of consumption of the automobile products e-commerce sites, such as Zhang Yonggong for practitioners, is also facing product updates speed up dilemma: This is the manufacturer of the parts catalogue is not transparent enough to cause, another as the vehicle models, accessories, product updates too fast, synchronous update speed no update speed which sites can and manufacturers. In addition, because the auto electronic commerce involves the safety and reliability problems, and online transaction integrity, customer service service etc.. Therefore, before the introduction of the relevant rules and regulations in the country, improve staff quality and professional level, becomes suspends in front of China auto electronic commerce project.

compound talent shortage behind, revealing the embarrassment of the current domestic education system and training mechanism. Zhang Yonggong suggested that the rapid development of information technology, our tertiary education and social training system should keep pace with the times, according to social needs timely adjustments. From the development trend, the demand for complex talent will become more and more exuberant, the school should set up more interdisciplinary disciplines, training a special

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