This time, the electricity supplier came to Baidu home

Wanda, Baidu and Tencent announced the establishment of a new joint Wanda electricity supplier, which is likely to become the next 5 years, the impact of the O2O event. Think this is the three siege his points can be ignored, conference three chiefs have made it very clear that, Wanda electricity supplier to do is to form a new form of business, online retail is not much relationship with ALI is doing. This is a sign of cooperation: online and offline game player, Internet giants and traditional commercial predators, for the greater future together.

other powerful combination of interpretation, I do not know how many people have a similar feeling with me: this time, the electricity supplier came to the home of Baidu.

because in the next competition in the electricity supplier, the scene will become the core of the outcome of the decision, but at this point, Baidu’s technical advantages are obvious. Is the most direct evidence, Robin Li on the day of the speech referred to "shoot", "beat" poster scene, is the most let the media and Netizens feel excited: "if a person in the Wanda Plaza shopping and found a girl’s skirt is very beautiful, take a picture that is Wanda which stores sell. See a poster, I know a few Wanda cinema screenings of this film, seat selection and payment can be completed. When you need me, I can not only tell you where to meet your needs, but also I can meet your needs at once." In fact, from the day of the three chiefs of the speech, repeatedly stressed in the Wanda electricity supplier is not a simple "sell" mode, and Wanda electricity supplier want to copy Taobao or Tmall model, but to deepen the integration of online and offline, then extends from Baidu technologies and products of the scene construction may be more as the key.

for wading 2 new electricity supplier, Baidu O2O this one has already done a lot of preparatory work. Mobile search, application distribution and LBS service has become the Baidu mobile three carriages, in response to search requests per day more than 6 billion times, LBS positioning service monthly PV more than 10 billion times a day, and the Tencent became the two giants racing together bridle to bridle the mobile terminal, especially the LBS first entrance and successful integration of Baidu and Baidu glutinous rice, to be in fact the first mobile life service entrance. Light application strategy to help traditional enterprise OCS, pushing Baidu purse to complete the payment closed-loop, R & D new mobile audio and video based on LBS search, as well as the acquisition of rice, launched attractions prediction, thermodynamic diagram and other large data products, are to lay a good foundation for O2O.

Baidu’s O2O basic capabilities have been waiting for the release of the time point and the best way. At the company level, Baidu has not officially entered the electricity supplier 2: did not participate in a taxi war, there is no investment review such O2O business, there is no physical and strategic cooperation or investment acquisitions, such as Tencent and Alibaba constantly under the ground. Although Baidu buy the sound of the great earth made Festival, but only the behavior of the business level. Now Baidu officially become the electricity supplier 2 players to play in the mobile traffic entrance, big data platform, especially the core strengths of LBS services, users and services to do >

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