Tencent blocking Tmall double 11 battle start

Tencent and Ali sooner or later a war "seems to be started in the autumn of 2013.

is preparing for "Tmall in wildly beating gongs and drums, double 11" Tencent is also trying to attract consumers in the electricity supplier to the day before the eyes and brains in the wallet, of course, Jingdong mall more openly with the "double 11" launched 3 days of panic buying.

In order to resist the Tencent

electricity supplier "participate", Tmall also played a half off strong goods exposure, now October 20th open grab promotional language. This is Chinese e-commerce field the largest in the history of war, despite their different purposes, but the three used the money and efforts to make the whole industry is tantamount to a premature by arms race.

sales war

October 15th, Tmall announced the launch of the double 11 shopping Carnival start in 2013. This year, Tmall "double 11" will break the line under the business line, 3 line integration covering more than 1 thousand cities and counties of the stores, through the Tmall wireless client and the line is fully open, trying to trade the peak numerical reconstruction.

last year, the peak value of 19 billion 100 million yuan turnover seems to have become the former "hill today". The Tmall team began to prepare this year’s "double 11" from June and July this year, Tmall is responsible for Wang Yulei is not willing to disclose the specific objectives of the year, but the economic observer from the Tmall business department was informed that this year Tmall’s mission is to "the three for five", that is more than 30 billion yuan, and strive to 50 billion yuan.

Tmall every year, double 11 are a good time to make a big seller.

of course, this year, Tmall’s big sellers pressure is very large, they each have a task". Although some of the risks around them: whether Tmall promises flow can really lead to their own page? "Double 11" on the same day whether it can contribute to the high trading volume? After the double 11 and will usher in a large-scale return climax etc..

is a category of clothing sellers told the economic observer said, although the "double 11" sellers from 1 increased to 2, but in fact help Tmall achieve the sales target of only more than 3 thousand big sellers. Each of these big sellers has a very high level of mission, and their sales and basically can help Tmall achieve most of this year’s target sales.

Tmall merchant has reached 7, while Tmall will be launched this year, double the social interaction, thousands of people face, such as the cycle of new business models on behalf of the future direction of the purchase of.

Wang Yulei said, in addition to the double 11 day audience commodity 50 percent off, Tmall is still trying to explore the future direction of business development, with the help of the wireless Internet will open up online and offline, through social interaction, relying on big data operations, breaks the boundaries of traditional business and e-commerce, the electronic commerce real.

if in accordance with Tmall’s double 11 business grew from 10 thousand to 20 thousand, traffic from last year >

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