Chinese.TW domain name for the first time to open to the mainland in Taiwan

        according to TWNIC (.TW domain name authority Taiwan Network Information Center) the latest news, 07 years from March 21st, the Chinese.TW for the first time to open the registration of mainland users. TWNIC and the mainland’s only partner in the era of the Internet, has been working for the opening of the full technical preparation, users can directly query and register in the Internet era.

      prior to this,.TW English domain has open enrollment in the mainland, many users register their domain name.TW, which applied to all aspects of enterprise website construction, brand protection, product promotion, has received very good results. .TW domain name does not have any restrictions on the registrant, so.TW domain name has great market potential. The opening of the Chinese.TW for the majority of Taiwan funded enterprises in mainland China, and Taiwan has an important business relationship with mainland enterprises to provide a very good choice.

      it is understood that the Chinese.TW is the exclusive Chinese domain name in Taiwan, there are ".TW", "network.Tw", "organization.TW", "business.TW" and other four kinds of suffixes. The domain name has the distinctive characteristics of the Taiwan Island, can reveal the users identity, greatly facilitate the many Taiwan related enterprises to carry out business. At the same time, because Chinese is the mother tongue of Chinese, Chinese domain name is more in line with the Chinese language and thinking habits, Chinese domain name has gradually become the preferred domain name Chinese internet. The use of Chinese domain names can not only effectively protect the corporate brand, but also to make it easier to promote activities. So, for the launch of the Chinese.TW, the majority of users is also looking forward to a long time.

      in recent years, more and more enterprises in Taiwan to invest in the mainland, mainland enterprises and Taiwan’s economic and trade ties increasingly close. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council data show that as of the end of 06, actual investment totaled $43 billion 890 million, total trade amounted to $603 billion 600 million. In Suzhou alone, there are more than seven thousand Taiwan funded enterprises. Behind these figures is a much larger number of companies related to Taiwan. The Chinese mainland for the first time.TW open for these companies to provide a good opportunity.

      as the mainland’s only partner TWNIC, gold registration agency Internet era for the open registry to do a lot of preparation. The responsible person said that cross-strait exchanges more closely, to create the conditions for the development of cross-strait business, Chinese.TW, Taiwan is the open oriented enterprise brand protection and promotion opportunity. At the same time, she also reminded the majority of users, because TWNIC only accept traditional Chinese registration services, registration to submit Chinese traditional application, the era of the Internet also provides a simplified conversion tool. With the mainland and Hongkong Chinese domain name, the registration of traditional domain name, the user will also have the corresponding simplified Chinese domain name.

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