2011 China domain name website ten events and the review of the top ten prospects in 2012

first, in 2011 the Chinese domain name website ten events review includes the following 10 things:

1, Dr. Li Xiaodong ICANN Vice President: bad jump Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) China Academy of Sciences researcher, deputy director of the young was invited to the global Internet address and domain name allocation mechanism (ICANN) as vice president.

2, CNNIC and North dragon net: North dragon net to completely One divides into two. China Internet Network Information Center belongs to "China Internet domain name management approach" and "People’s Republic of China Ministry of information industry on the Internet domain name system Chinese notice" not under the jurisdiction of Internet based technology services bearing down.

3, the new category domain name (New gTLD) Pumianerlai: since January 12, 2012, the new domain name will get thousands of categories for the domain name industry all over the world are excited about this, but more is care-laden watching the progress of things, because every body is really need to enable so many new categories the domain name


4, Shanghai domain law conference to clarify the nature of the domain name: justice of the Supreme Court that the legal system of our country and there is no clear domain name can be used as a kind of civil rights (Yu Mingquan), but the domain name has a certain reputation, has certain influence to the domain name can be used as a prior to the protection of rights and interests. Domain name dispute resolution system is not a statutory procedure, it is only the domain name management system in the ‘self clearing procedures (Self Clean).

5, Chinese Chinese. Domain name enabled a large number of access to cool 2011 anywhere in the world, either IPv4 or IPv6 network, each network all supported browsers use computer access like "Guangming China." (the comma is solid or hollow like use) the Chinese domain name has been refreshed. This is the introduction of the internationalization of ICANN domain name after the first Chinese users to usher in a bright year.

6, twenty-third categories of domain name.Xxx officially opened: this claim is the adult special domain name, after 10 years of twists and turns finally out of the water, but, at least in China is difficult to obtain government approval on the operating permit.

7,.CN Chinese domain using self set hurdles: from register to record the success of a real name Chinese domain and.CN domain name use approval procedures, no less than the car driver’s license plate to apply the test schedule. This is a do not conform to the principle of low carbon management regulations, the seemingly effective pre audit process, in fact is not up to reduce the amount of bad information for the application of intrusion China users, more is to force China institutions, individual users choose foreign space domain name registration services, China institutions, a large number of personal information users dynamic network in the foreign and overseas monitoring, steal the status of an easy job to do.

8, mobile phone fraud complaints. Fast: in 2011 the China. Mobile phone has more than receiving domain name >

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