The acquisition of Alibaba responded to the latest news Darunfa timely communication

recently, the media reported that the mainland chain stores Darunfa Alibaba purchased Gao Xin’s retail. In this regard, Taiwan media reported that Darunfa founder ruentex group president Yin Yanliang said, with not only Alibaba, including Tencent and Suning, but the specific amount of investment and the time has not yet determined.

Gao Xin’s retail has Darunfa supermarket, flying cow net, Auchan stores, in recent years, the traditional domestic retail industry, one of the rare can continue to maintain the growth of enterprises, especially it is very few to high frequency shop rather than crazy closing a traditional retailer.

this, Alibaba responded, said: for the new retail, Alibaba no doubt in full efforts to actively explore, this is the future of the future of business. For market rumors we do not comment, once the latest news, we first time to communicate with you."

is reported that Ali next Monday will be held in 2017, the new retail strategy conference. As one of the main competitors of RT mart, Yonghui supermarket has teamed up with Jingdong, cooperation is increasing.

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