Baise student network founder traced more than and 40 pornographic video storage

2006, Wang Chieh founded the "Baise Guangxi Longlin student network, mainly to support the local poor girls school. He was once called an angel in the mountains". When the site was founded 9 years ago, he claimed to have funded more than 4000 poor children.

last year, Shandong Tai’an Ji Chu autumn charity who accidentally discovered that Wang Chieh could borrow public names, raped dozens of girls, some girls first violated stillchildren. 20 thousand copies of the data proves that the Master Chu Qiu, Wang Chieh angel face, the devil hidden.

August 25th, Wang Chieh was arrested by the local procuratorate. Longlin County police said the case is the local major cases, "accomplishing iron case".


lasted 1 and a half years, 5 South remote Longlin County, Shandong man Chu Wang Chieh sent to the police will fall in the hands of.

In view of the fact that

encountered in the process of reporting "frustration", in order to protect myself further, autumn Chu told the media that he was 30 years old this year.

he used a full-featured cottage phone contact with the outside world, the phone number of QQ, micro signal at any time to change. In order to get Wang Chieh and some of the so-called "love people" trust him for a long time as women, need to send voice, he asked a female classmate for help.

He has 3

memory card, 8G, 16G, 32G, three pieces of memory card to collect 20 thousand copies of information about Wang Chieh, "full shift back and forth, quickly transferred to the computer."


"Baise student network by the charity in the name of sexual assault, dozens of girls


a video recording of the scenes Wang Chieh love money, voiceover said: "he has a pair of artists."

Wang Chieh said, because of family distress, 20 thousand yuan tuition ruined his painting dream, "so I thought, why can’t I help my child?"

he spent 2-3 hours a day to maintain and manage the site, poor students are mainly provided by the primary school teachers.


had been raped Cai Fei told the Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Chieh, a total of more than and 40 computer storage period of pornographic video, these video named female names.

has a number of girls, said Wang Chieh and subsidized girls after dinner, often pull them directly to KTV.

in the Guangxi TV show unannounced visits to some of the girls were, Wang Chieh said he "from snacks to now", he said a girl was raped at least 5 of the class, his secret is "fix monitor".


video interview: he has an artist like

in the first half of 2012, autumn Chu and a few friends together, talk about whether or not to support

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