Jia Mei Yue micro business limited edition version of essential oils O2O increase the purchase rate

March 26th, Ka Mei fun micro business team held an art in Guangzhou and low-key tasting salon, Ka Mei fun limited edition Lavender stunning debut, micro business observers share micro thin dry cargo business. "Cosmetic Finance Online" reporter was informed that the oil products in March 10th the first micro business conference on the launch, is currently recruiting official partners, the counter price of 238 yuan, the derivative is priced at 198 yuan, positioning light ripe skin white collars.

event organizers Guangzhou Fu Tak, deputy general manager of Commerce to Li said that all the unilateral essential oils, only two kinds of lavender and tea can be directly used in the skin. "Due to the nature of the lavender essential oil particularly mild, suitable for all kinds of people, including children’s skin, so we select this oil for micro channel."

Li also stressed that the "limited edition" because the oil is "taking a small contract in Provence plant origin, limited by artificial picking", to "ensure pure quality"; in addition, but also a special gift by the famous designer hand-painted floral pattern custom linen scarf.

micro providers are mostly online sales, the lack of physical channels and customers face to face interaction opportunities." Xiang Li told reporters, in order to increase the micro business with friends and customer contact, increase repeat purchase rate, Ka Mei fun micro business team to take the "O2O" mode, hold the line experience sharing salon, recommended to the agent, help them establish a new interaction more close and lasting relationship with customers.

according to reports, the Internet association minister, micro business observers attended the salon with the teacher, he said, micro business has entered the 6, 7 times, the derivative of this era gradually the whole network channels, channels of industrialization, industry links, links the brand, brand personality, personalized entertainment and entertainment participate in, micro business is all the most efficient business model".

thin stressed that in addition to WeChat in the camp to lay a solid foundation, micro operators should also attach importance to the other has many active users of social software, efforts to expand community platform. He proposed the conformity, from low, from near, and from the comparison, six different "consumer psychology, that take the advantage of the large consumer psychology, communication and promotion will be a duck.

this experience is a salon to share the brand to do an activity template." Li said that after this event will be held irregularly, each time the number is limited to 30-50.

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