We all know that advertising is going to invest in quality media resources, but who is now defining

Pepsi such a large customer to do their own creative, advertising companies how do you see?

advertising company lost: the customer has been running, but I do not know how to run a half lap

"a", "B" demand and making creative media, as much as possible and effective coverage of the target consumers, the advertising industry has been this mode of operation is under great challenge.

practitioners have never been like this, in the consumer insight – this is the foundation and the core of the industry, so confused and not confident.

more mobile life changed all that, when consumers jump in a variety of screen and free to allocate their time and attention, marketers believe "where consumers, advertising money will flow to where the" lost "target".

television advertising era has ended has almost become the industry consensus, but in the complex environment of dazzling digital marketing, what is the most effective marketing, at least not yet clear answer.

exploration has started at least 3 years ago, but it’s not going away from what’s happening and our interviews. But every role in the industry chain has undergone fundamental changes.

For example,

in the production and marketing content has been made for the brand advertising company, began to build a team to yourself; advertising companies may enter into one of the most emphasis on "R & D" era, the establishment of laboratory data, data integration platform, build a keen hatch; and was just selling time and space media. Because advertisers put forward "to meet the media’s own tone and style", also have to get involved in creative; as social media on behalf of Facebook suddenly had stood in the position against Google……

that’s why we’re launching this series. We will use four articles to explore how the change in the role of the entire advertising industry chain, and how they are rebuilding the industry rules. This is the third article.

2010, Chinese the entire Internet advertising scale is 32 billion 550 million yuan, while a Hunan TV channel in 2009 advertising revenue is 2 billion yuan, even if it is already in decline, the total amount of advertising bidding of CCTV in 2013 pre-sale open up to 15 billion 900 million yuan.

if you asked 5 years ago which is the best media resources, marketing practitioners basically have the same answer – tv.

and the best, to some extent, in fact, equivalent to the maximum, that is, where the cast advertising, you can reach the most audience. CCTV (once) is the one that is indisputable, but also because of the annual advertising bidding conference dubbed China’s economic barometer". The same is true in the United States

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