A week in review the watercress commercial Ali mother against cheating Amoy

1 Taobao mobile phone to block the WeChat link is based on security considerations

November 25th news, the war between Ali and Tencent continues to increase, following the link between WeChat blocked after the phone Taobao also blocked the WeChat. Taobao mobile phone has been shut down from WeChat to Taobao goods and stores in the channel, click on the entry of WeChat’s Taobao merchandise and store links, will jump to the phone’s Taobao download install page.

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2.360 Tencent monopoly case at Tencent 150 million yuan for

news November 26th, high-profile Qihoo 360 v. Tencent monopoly case will be the second instance court of the Supreme People’s court. The case in March this year, the Guangdong Higher People’s court, the verdict against the Qihoo 360, Qihoo 360 subsequently filed an appeal. The case is known as China’s anti-monopoly case of the Internet, thus causing concern.

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3 from the school to everyone and then to the school around the circle back to the origin of

news November 27th, Renren yesterday announced the launch of a new version of the renren.com mobile phone client, based on the original social interaction, the new real-time chat and group mobile communication elements, positioning the youth market, after the game everyone layoffs and other strategic adjustment, finally will focus back to re focus and renren.com, migration the original advantage of resources to the mobile terminal.

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