Making friends with users — Analysis of network marketing


user is the basic website or forum to survive, without the user’s website or forum is an empty shell, and the user is a communication to each one according to his lights. Treat users like to treat a friend, and the user is a good way to become a friend of marketing. How to communicate with the user in order to become friends with the user I operate walnut circle as an example to share the experience of making friends with the user.

experience, product description be authentic, unpompous

since you want to sell products, we have to work hard from the product, to do the kind of shooting, give people a real feeling. I often see some businessmen always think of ways to beautify the picture, so the effect is good, give people the feeling of looking beautiful, comfortable, beautiful. But we ignore most of the user’s point of view – closer to the real photos more real. Users can not see the case of physical objects in close proximity to the photos is also very easy to make it produce desire to buy. Although the software used to look at the photos look beautiful, but the user is a buyer, they want to buy the product, rather than come here to enjoy the picture. Again we don’t exaggerate the benefits of the product, what to say, be authentic, the Internet is so developed, people may already know this from the Internet of things, has been done in the heart, here, is to buy. If we exaggerate some of the characteristics or advantages of the product, it will only bring people tired of psychology, thus losing confidence in the purchase of the product. Our products are used in this way to operate, a lot of users to buy a very good evaluation.

for example to describe the man playing walnut:

general merchant description

A brief description of some businesses on the

: Walnut bone is very good, with first-class, high hardness, abrasion resistance is set to play good, sink into the water, the weight of the foot. When color is very fast, after three years as the red jujube, is playing the best.

our description

we are described: this type of walnut good bone. All the walnuts are not suitable for Wu disk, how much speed color with your hands sweating, sweat out dark, dry hands play the effect of a bright, jade texture. General 15 days began to color, to brush. Personal play is not recommended oil processing bad will cause oil yin.

dry hand three months renderings:

Khan hand month renderings:

what can you see through this comparison,


this experience can be summed up in one sentence: close to the real photos to prove the quality of the product, with the usual language to describe the characteristics and advantages of the product. Make an honest seller.

although this practice looks look soil, but also lose face, but the user would look for such things. Further communication is required

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